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 Tooth Colored Fillings

Today, metal free and natural-looking dental fillings are the standard not only for Dental Design Studio but all modern dentistry. Our dental specialist in Cancun are using composite materials which are both safe and predictable, instead of the metal amalgam fillings used in past years. Composite fillings not only look natural but also allow biting stress to pass through the tooth while chewing. On the contrary, the rigid metal fillings contributed to further decay by cracking the natural tooth.

Tooth-colored fillings are part of the minimal invasive dentistry that Dental Design Studio in Cancun promote, because we don’t need to sacrifice a lot of the natural structure like metal fillings did in order to stay in place.

The process of getting a composite filling at Dental Design Studio in Cancun usually requires a single appointment. Composite resin can be applied directly on your teeth, sculpted and then hardened with a special light. Tooth colored fillings only require to keep a good oral health to stay in your teeth for long years.


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