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 Post And Core Build Up

Part of the endodontic treatments we offer in Dental Design Studio in Cancun is the Post and Core Build up, after doing a root canal treatment the tooth has been drilled; old fillings and decay are gone, and an access cavity performed. Sometimes the amount of tooth loss is quite large and by now the tooth might require a post (endopost) to give better support to the restorative materials.

At Dental Design Studio, our dental professionals use fiber glass posts only. No more metal aggressive posts. Fiber glass has similar quality properties as natural dentin. This avoid future crack, more likely to happen with metal posts.

The root canal specialist is the best person to restore the tooth after a root canal treatment with post and core since he knows better the anatomy of the root, avoiding perforations or deviations of the canal. Less not to say that we at dental design studio perform this under the operative microscope.


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