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 3D CBCT Digital Scanning

At Dental Design Studio in Cancun, we have 3D scanning or Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) equipment. CBCT is a type of x-ray that produces three-dimensional images instead of two-dimensional images like conventional x-rays do. Besides, it let us see dental structures, nerve paths, soft tissues, and bone in all the mouth and face.

All the data is sent to sensors and will be capture in a computer for analyzing and convert it in these manageable three-dimensional images. CBCT images have the aim of aiding in the diagnosis and treatment planning for our patients.

How does the procedure go?

A CBCT scanning will take just a few minutes (3-5). You will be asked to remove metal objects from the neck and face regions before the exam. Objects such as jewelry, glasses, removable metal dental work because they can affect the quality of the images.

When would I need a CBCT scan?

When your doctor suspects of the diseases on the jaw, teeth, bone structures of the mouth, nose, or sinus cavities, he/she might ask for a CBCT scan. Also, it is used for planning surgical treatments such as implants, root canal retreatments, complex infection cases, and many more.

At Dental Design Studio, we do it as a routine exam in first-time consultations. We have the advantage that it is a low radiation exposure equipment, practically harmless to the patient. We feel it is our responsibility to advise the patient on any possible findings, diseases, and treatment planning. We provide a better diagnosis when we have all the pieces of the puzzle, thus giving better results to our patients.


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