State of the Art Technology in Dental Design Studio Cancun

At Dental Design Studio we belive in providing the most advanced dental treatments using technology ahead of our time. Our professionals are not only excellent specialists but they are committed to making your dental experience a pleasant and painless one.

Computerized Anesthesia Delivery

Carl Zeiss Lenses are know worldwide for their quality and durability. Zeiss has helped drive progress in medicine and dental in assisting doctors all over the world in enhancing their visibility during medical procedures, with this improving also patient’s quality of life.

At Dental Design Studio Cancun we are proud to say we use Carl Zeiss Operative Dental Microscopes for a lot of our procedures. This benefits the outcome and assessment of every treatment we do. Not only that, but we can perform much more complex cases with a good outcome due to this new visibility we have. For example: save a tooth that other dentists have told the client it is not savable.

Less than 3% of dentist in Mexico are using dental microscopes. It is a big investment that many clinicians don’t consider as a necessity. But when beneficing our patients is all about, we don’t hold up.

Carl Zeiss Dental Microscope

When you arrive at the airport a Car from Dental Design Studio will be there for you. The driver will be introduced to you by one of our customer service coordinators before you arrive via email. He will be carrying a banner that identifies Dental Design Studio. Our driver will take you to your Hotel or to our Facilities, depending on scheduling. The transportation is free and private. it means you don´t have to wait for any other passangers. We offer free transportation from airport-clinic-hotel and then from clinic to hotel.

Dental Disign Studio located conveniently at the beginning of the Hotel Zone on Bonampak Avenue. you can find a Walmart and Starbucks Just across the street. Even so, don´t worry about having trouble to find us, our drivers will take you directly to our Dental Studio.

Laser Dentistry

At Dental Design Studio Cancun we use Waterlase iPlus All-Tissue Laser by Biolase. Laser technology is revolutionizing Dentistry. We truly believe it is the future of dentistry. To start with, it eliminates the annoying noise of the turbine. Second, most of the laser procedures don’t require anesthesia.

Laser means Light Amplification of Stimulated Emission of Radiation. In other words laser is a device that emits light through a process of optical amplification. Basing on the characteristics we can set upon this light it will serve for different purposes.

Lasers are meant to alleviate pain and reduce fear and anxiety related to dentistry in order to improve patient experience when having dental treatments.

Waterlase iPlus is the best dental laser in the market yet. This is an All-Tissue Laser, it means it is a surgical laser. We can perform basically all treatments, from a small caries removal to disinfecting root canals and buccal surgeries.

Are you ready for virtually pain free dentistry?

3D CBCT Scan NewTom VGi

Regular X-rays show us 2 dimensional images. With the Cone Beam Computer Tomography (CBCT) we are adding 3 dimensional images to our practice. When considering dental implants, oral surgery, complex root canal treatments it becomes a paramount difference to count with 3D imaging, to give the client the best results.

A great result always comes from a good planing. What size of implant? Is there enough bone? Are the roots straight or curve? adequate quality of bone? and many more questions can be fully answer with a 3D scan, and not completely with a 2D image.

Very few dental offices have this technology in-house.

Dental Design Studio has the NewTom VGI EVO


  • Low-exposure patient examinations
  • Allows investigation of the entire maxillofacial area
  • 3D and panoramic xrays in one device
  • CAD/CAM dentistry

    CAD/CAM means computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing. In dentistry it means having dental restorations, like crowns, veneers, bridges and many more aided by computer design softwares and then manufactured by special millers.

    This serves two main purposes for our patients: Time and Precision.

    When having a crown done, it used to take at least one week. At Dental Design Studio a single crown can be done in one day because of our CAD/CAM systems and own in-site lab.

    For our patients coming from abroad timing and precision is an essential part of their dental vacation, that’s why Dental Design Studio is fully prepare to have you less in our clinic and more in the beach.


    3Shap and Trios 3 Wireless are revolutionizing dental as we know it. Digital Era is here!

    The Trios 3 is a intraoral digital scanner. Remember the trays and traditional pastes the use to take impressions of your teeth? No more. Simply open your mouth and a pen-like device will take the impression. We save time and materials.

    Dental Design Studio is moving forward to the Digital Era. And 3Shape completes perfectly our CAD/CAM system and our 3D printer. Roland Millers

    The DWX-51 and DWX-4W Rolland Dental Milling Machines are designed for:

  • Effortless production of dental prosthetics
  • Built for precision
  • Error-free milling
  • With touch-button controls and automated milling features we can do high-quality:

  • Bridges
  • Crowns
  • Inlays
  • Onlays
  • Abutments
  • Other restorations
  • Objet30 OrthoDesk 3D printer from Stratasys

    It is use to build:

  • surgical guides
  • veneer models
  • orhtodontic appliances
  • delivery and positioning trays
  • endodontic surgical guides
  • 3D printer technology allow us:

  • To fully digitalized the process of getting your new teeth.
  • Eliminates the need for storing bulky physical models.
  • It reduces fabrication times
  • Increases precision
  • Eliminates human-eye-hand error
  • Dental lab only gives final details to the pieces

  • 1. SCAN 3Shape Trios
  • 2. Design
  • 3. Mill (3D printer & Rolland Millers)
  • A-Dec Dental Chairs and Equipment

    A-dec is an American Company well known in dentistry for their high quality equipment, ergonomics and sterilization standards. Dental Design Studio partnered with A-dec to provide and equip all our Dental Studio. From dental chairs to 3D scanners, handpieces, digital sensors, sterilization room and dental laboratory.

    A-dec 500 dental chair

    Provides an excellence comfort for our patients. Considering that if you are some treatments might be extensive is essential to have an ergonomic and comfortable chair when you can sleep while we work.

    Electric Handpieces

    We know one of the most feared things of visiting a dentist can be the noise of the drill and the machines. Our hand-pieces are electric, so the noise is reduced a lot. All the clinic is carefully planed so you don’t have to be over-stress by noises during treatment.

    Headphones and TV screens

    All our dental rooms are provided with a tv in the ceiling and bluetooth wireless headphones. So sit back, watch some tv or listen to music while you have your teeth done.

    Sterilization Room and Protocols

    As a part of the health providers community, we at Dental Design Studio, have done everything possible to maintain sterilization protocols as required by the different health institutions. We have passed the strict test and examinations done by COFEPRIS (Comision Federal para la Protección contra Riesgos Sanitarios), which is the Federal Commision that regulates Dental Clinics Sanity mesures.


    Tuttnauer is a German Company that focuses on sterilization and infection control. They are recognized worldwide for their optimal products.

    At Dental Design Studio the patient care and protection comes first. That’s why we work with one of the best autoclaves know in the industry, to provide the client with a safe and clean environment and perfectly sterile instruments during the surgical procedures


    Coming to Dental Design Studio is a different experience and we want you to feel it. We have designated an entire room for photography. Why?

    Digital Era allow us to have an image of how your new smile will look. Our clients coming for a healthy new smile, with a series a clinic photographies and a digital scan, can be looking at real images of him/herself with the new set of teeth. Possibilities of color, shape and form are discuss and agreed before even touching your teeth with the drill!

    No more fear to the results, you can see it before hand at Dental Design Studio in Cancun