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veneers in cancun mexico

Mexico is the best country in the world to get Veneers and Cancun is the best city in Mexico to do this treatment
Porcelain veneers are like contact lenses for your teeth. The thin pieces of porcelain are placed over your natural teeth to recreate a natural, healthy, beautiful look while providing strength and confidence for a perfect smile.
When patients want a total smile makeover or restoration, veneers are one of the top cosmetic dental options.
A Beautiful New Hollywood Smile is waiting for you.

The Best Dentist for Veneers in Cancun Mexico

Our Team of Dentists at Dental Design Studio Cancun has been improving our patients' lives one smile at a time for over 20 years. Being qualified as one of the best teams of dental experts in Mexico for any dental treatment, especially dental implants & cosmetic veneers.
We strongly believe it's only through specialized work that we can fully achieve the gold standards in modern dentistry. It's impossible for one single dentist to gather all the knowledge and equipment to perform to the highest standards. All of our specialists work together in all the cases, from diagnosis to treatment executions, so final results are delivered with excellency.

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What are Dental Veneers?

veneers in cancun mexico

A dental veneer is a thin shell made out of a synthetic material and shaped like the front of a tooth. This covering can be placed on top of the patient’s tooth to mask discoloration, worn down dentition, gaps, and similar problems.
These shells are strictly cosmetic, however. As such, they can’t improve function, be used as a form of dental treatment or for a fracture, or be a substitute for a dental implant, crowns, or root canal treatments.
Instead, this procedure is just about improving your smile line and giving you a Hollywood smile line.
Along with the undeniable aesthetic aspect, veneers can solve different dental problems: stained or discoloured teeth, deformed or slightly damaged teeth, replacement of a damaged or grey crown, or even giving back a beautiful natural aspect of your frontal teeth.
Dentures also able to bring back a better dental alignment, and offer a more convenient and lighter alternative to crowns, who need a deeper dental carving.
We digitally design each veneer for a perfect fit.

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Cancun is the best city in Mexico to get Veneers

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Cancun as a dental destination has proven to be the number one all over the world, being qualified above dentists in Turkey and dentists in Colombia.
Traveling to Cancun to get Veneers is Safe!

In Dental Design Studio Cancun we have proven to meet high-quality standards for dentistry (same or better than the U.S.) at a fraction of the Costs (up to 65% less) for Dental Tourists.

You can save thousands by going to a dentist in Mexico for the same procedure. Many people who need full mouth restoration can save $25,000 to $40,000 on their full dental treatment cost.

It also work for small dental procedures, for example, you can save $3,500 with a single tooth implant and crown alone!

Your Cancun Veneers will help you to correct:

Anyone who wants to have an improvement on their smile through a cosmetic dental solution some of the most common uses of veneers are:

  • Teeth decoloration
  • Damaged & Worn Enamel Edge
  • Spaces between the teeth (Diastomers)
  • Slightly misaligned teeth
  • Chipped or Fractured Teeth
veneers in cancun mexico

Veneers in Cancun Mexico Cost

How much does veneers cost in Cancun?


$ 950+ / Veneer


$ 980+ / Veneer

Save up to 65% in Cancun Veneers!

Cancun Veneers Recent Cases

veneers in cancun mexico veneers in cancun mexico
veneers in cancun mexico veneers in cancun mexico
veneers in cancun mexico veneers in cancun mexico

How to get Veneers in Cancun?

Talk with a real dentist today!

In Dental Design Studio Cancun we work with the Digital Smile Design Protocol for veneers and cosmetic dentistry. This allows us to have a step by step proces for your smile design.

Will veneers work for me?

Check if you are a candidate for a Cancun Veneer procedure

How long will it take to get my new smile?

Every smile is different, normally the cancun veneer process takes 1 week, but this might vary

How can I fit the cost into my budget?

Check out the options to get your new hollywood smile with veneers in Cancun

veneers in cancun mexico

We sincerely believe that visiting a dentist shouldn’t be a frightening or stressful experience! We provide an equally comfortable experience of relaxation for all our patients!


International happy patients!


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Should I get Veneers in Cancun?

veneers in cancun mexico

Assuming you are a suitable case for veneers: you have the right teeth, the mouth, and the right attitude, then only you can answer this question.

If the happiness and psychological benefit of having cosmetic treatment will make a big difference in your life and you have weighed up all the other options and decided veneers is the way to go… then you have done all your homework.

Congratulations! Now all you need to do is select the best cosmetic dentist to do them! Yes, thats us!

We are the best option for your Veneers in Cancun

Dental Design Studio´s dental specialists in Cancun work under the DSD (Digital Smile Design) philosophy, which provides a preview of how beautiful your new smile is going to look even before our specialist touches your teeth and currently, we are 3 doctors who were trained with top Esthetic Masters.
Dr. Sforzina (Prosthodontist and Implantologist) and Dr. Ortega (General and Restorative Dentist) having taken the DSD certifications in New York, USA, Los Angeles, California, and Sao Paolo, Brazil.
Once you fell in love with your new smile it's time for us to make it happen!

Digital Smile Design Protocol for Veneers in Cancun

There are a lot of Dentists that won't show you the process of teeth getting shaved for veneers.
We believe that the essence of Dentistry is to preserve as many natural teeth as we can.
Thanks to Our years of Expertise and constant work Designing Smiles we are able to shave the tooth enamel as thin as possible during the teeth preparation process for veneers.

The DSD protocol is based on functional, minimally invasive and aesthetic dentistry. It gathers information of teeth, gums, lips, face, occlusion
DSD goes for Digital Smile Design, and currently, we have 3 doctors who were trained with top Esthetic Masters in US, Brazil, Spain and Venezuela by the DSD Residency:

  • Dr. Sforzina (Prosthodontist and Implantologist)
  • Dr. Ortega (General and Restorative Dentist)
  • Dr. Lazaro (Prosthodontist and Implantologist)

The benefit and a BIG factor of doing your veneers with us is that our Cosmetic Dental Specialists are the only Dentists in Cancun that have a master the Cosmetic treatment with the philosophy of Minimal Invasive Dentistry to the point that instead of shaping off the 1 mm of the tooth, he needs to shape off only 0.3 - 0.5 mm.

With our minimal invasive approach you'll be preserving most of your tooth structure!

Minimal invasive preparations

veneers in cancun mexico

Other clinics preparations

veneers in cancun mexico

The result is a Natural Smile

veneers in cancun mexico

Types of Veneers in Cancun

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are made indirectly; prepared at your appointment but created outside your mouth by a dental technician. This type of veneer takes two to three visits.They have a superior appearance and are most appropriate for more severe cases of discolouration, chipping, fractures, crooked, spaced and uneven teeth.
Porcelain veneers resist stains from coffee, tea or smoking much better than composite veneers. They last longer and stay looking good for longer. Porcelain has the best light reflecting properties of any dental material currently available, giving your teeth a very natural and attractive appearance.

Composite Resin Veneers

Composite veneers are made directly (inside the mouth) at the time of your appointment with the dentist. Consequently, only the one visit is generally necessary. It can be quite a long appointment though depending on how many you are getting done. Composite resin veneers or teeth bondings are a cheaper, quicker, less destructive way to restore and correct more minor cosmetic problems.

Bennefits of On-site Lab for Veneers in Cancun

A great differential is to have an exclusive, state of the art dental laboratory located within the clinic itself, favoring the communication between dentists and technicians.
These professionals are true artists and work handcrafted, modeling the porcelain with the best materials on the market today.
The communication between a Dentist and a Dental Laboratory is of paramount importance for the outcome of every treatment. Dental Design Studio has Dental Lab on-site, with certified Ceramists and Lab technicians.
Our laboratory is consider a digital laboratory, because we can design everything of a computer instead of doing everything by hand as it used to be. CAD/CAM systems, 3D printers and scanners allows modern dentistry to manufacture dental prosthesis in a faster and more precise way.

veneers in cancun mexico

Things to know about Veneers in Cancun

The types of veneers used affect how long the treatment will take. In suitable cases that are executed well by the dentist and well looked after by you, porcelain veneers can be expected to give 10 -15 years service. There is of course risks and complications to veneers -they could chip, come off or be damaged and need to be repaired or replaced.

After the first consultation, we start the procedure: The procedure involves removing a sliver of enamel from your tooth on your first visit to accommodate the veneer. A digital scan is then taken and sent to the lab where the veneer is custom-made. On your next visit, a mild chemical is applied to the tooth so that the veneer will adhere well to the tooth. The two-visit process is usually carried out in a week.

There is a little bit of a misconception that porcelain veneers can be used for every situation to make your smile beautiful. Some problems just aren’t suitable for dental veneers or would be better treated by other means. They are also quite an involved process and can be costly, meaning you need to think carefully about your choices. In Dental Design Stucio Cancun in addition to having the best quality of veneers in Mexico, we help you to orientate yourself about your treatment with the following information. When considering cosmetic (or as we say aesthetic work) it can be invaluable for you to see how the teeth may look following treatment. You must be actively involved in the smile design process because it is your expectations, your teeth, your mouth and your smile- not the dentists! You must communicate your feelings and preferences for the colour, shape, length and width of the veneers. This will help ensure you are happy with the result.

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We value ot patient opinions after the dental work they do with us, this is why we are proud to share it with you!

Veneers in Cancun Treatment Alternatives

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Dental Crowns

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