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About Us

The birth of Dental Design Studio as a premium dental clinic in Cancun is based on its values. Human values go beyond technology, materials and equipment.

We believe in doing good to others. We believe in excellence. We believe good dentistry improves people's quality of life.

Here, the client finds all the dental specialties, the newest technologies and a personalized care and attention.

When we think of Dental Design Studio, we like to believe we are changing dentistry and the experience of going to the dentist.

We know that visiting the dentist is not the most fun thing to do and that actually, many people are afraid of just thinking of it.

Dental Design Studio wants to change that stereotype and turn the fear into smiles.



- Be true, do not lie, do not deceive, do not dissemble -


- Search for the extreme quality, excellence, attention to detail in all things -


- Always do what was agreed, go beyond expected; get help when needed, and help when you realize that someone needs you -


- Innovate, think differently, with the goal of achieving excellence in results -


- In any and every situation, always treat people with cordiality and education -


- Believe that everyone on the Team is engaged and performing the duties assigned to them -

Our Mission

To reinvent your dental vacation in Cancun with the most experienced team of dental specialists, giving you time to enjoy all the beauty and adventures Cancun and Riviera Maya has to offer, at the same time you get the most professional dental treatment at affordable prices.

Why us?

We created Dental Design Studio after noticing a lack of quality in the dental services in Cancun, regular cheap dental clinics have thousands of bad reviews and complaints.

Our dental services in Cancun are focused in providing a pleasant experience combined with top quality dental services.

All of our products and services are guaranteed since day 1, we only use top quality brands to ensure the results of the dental services we provide.

Here some points on why we are your best option for dental services in Cancun and why we are different from other dental companies who claim to have “the best dental services”

1. The quality of our products and dental services are guaranteed, not only by us, but by the brand names that we use.
2. All of our patients are treated by real dental specialist and we use a multidisciplinary approach, you won’t be seen by dental assistants or people without the right credentials and experience.
3. We don’t promote one dental specialist with “a lot of studies” who cannot see more than one patient at the time, we promote a group of specialists who will check on his specific field and will let another specialist work on their own field.
4. Worldwide recognized brand and materials, you will get the certificate of authenticity on your dental implants, we don’t use clone, generic or Chinese non-recognized brands.
5. We have different communication channels with our patients, so they can reach us whenever they need to in order to solve a doubt or an inquiry. Our patient manager (which is a dentist, not a sales person) will explain each step of the treatment before your arrival.
6. When you reach us, we are not selling you a dental treatment, you are getting a consultation since first contact.
7. We don’t have waiting time, we don’t overbook our specialist in order to have them ready for you at arrival, personalized and immediate attention is our best way to show our care for our patients.
8. State of the art technologies and facilities during all the steps of your dental since you walk in to the clinic you will be able to see all the technology we have invested in for you.
9. Transportation included, not only to the clinic, but in and out from the airport to your hotel.
10. Our patients are our best promoters, we are so confident about our results that our patients leave their phone numbers in order to get their review from their mouth.
11. Our success is based in our reputation.
12. We treat all of our patients as if they were members from our family.
13. Our process and standards are the highest in the dental industry, not only in Cancun, but all around the world.

14. Our goal is to provide restorative dentistry in a top quality and luxury environment.
15. Thanks to our protocols, experience and investment in the most advanced dental lab in the region we can make our restorations in a reduced time, giving you a better chance to enjoy your dental vacation in Cancun.