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Top Reasons to Choose DDS Cancun

The Only Dental Clinic in Cancun Offering an Extensive Warranty

Dental Design Studio offers an extensive warranty because we are confident in the qualifications and expertise of our dental specialists, the high standard of the laboratory workmanship, and in the quality of materials and equipments that we use.

Guarantee time Dental treatment
5 Years All Dental Implants
5 years Zirconium and Porcelain crowns and bridges
5 years Porcelain veneers
5 years Inlay/Onlay
3 years Removable dentures/partial dentures
5 years Fixed dentures/partial dentures and Snap On dentures
3 years Composite fillings/veneers

*see disclosure

The guaranty will be reduced or invalidated in case of:

  • If patient didn’t attend routine semiannual dental exam in Dental Design Studio or at local dental office (written proof of visit necessary – invoice, doctor’s letter, dated x-rays)
  • Oral hygiene is neglected
  • Doctor’s instructions are not followed
  • Fixed or removable restoration, retainers, guards are not used, maintained properly
  • The gum and/or bone tissues are naturally reducing
  • Weight loss or gain occurs within short period of time
  • If general illness, which has negative impact on oral health, exist or develop (examples: diabetes, epilepsy, osteoporosis, chemotherapy, radiation and etc.)
  • Accidental damage to teeth or restoration occurs
  • Smoking tobacco or other drugs usage occurs
  • Recommended length of the dental visit to clinic was not followed (applies to out of town clients)
  • Payment obligations were not fulfilled

Occasionally teeth suffer preparation trauma during dental work resulting in the need of endodontic or any further surgical treatments. Dental Design Studio is not liable for any issues that may develop, but was not visible or foreseeable/predictable at the time of the treatment planning in our clinic, or if patient did not follow full doctor’s recommendation. I'm sorry, we don't do cash reimbursements. Our warranties apply on the dental work itself.

Please, note – we are always happy to assist you and find the best solution for you.

More Reasons to Choose Dental Design Studio Cancun

About Dental Design Studio Cancun

We know the main reason for traveling to get medical or dental care is because in your home country the costs are too high, unaffordable or dental insurances are too expensive.

We also know you are concern for the quality of the work, materials, technology being used in a foreign country. With Dental Design Studio you will get the best dentistry there is to date in the world; dental specialists team, modern facilities and technologies in a very short period of time. And the most important at Mexico affordable prices.

Value for you money could not get any better!

When in traveling abroad for dental work there are different factors that have to be taken into consideration. The first is TIME. We know you came a long way to get affordable high quality dentistry but you only come for a week or so. And you are also in Cancun, so you want to enjoy your vacation as most as possible. So reducing clinical times is crucial for all this to work. That’s why at Dental Design Studio we have invested in technology and digital dentistry to be able to reduce time frames of every procedure.

Another important factor is PRECISION. The more precise the specialist is, the more precise the worklab is the less time for you to be at the dental office and more time to enjoy your stay in Cancun Mexico.

Digital Dentistry + Dental Specialists + Own Lab= Less TIME & Higher PRECISION

When choosing your dental vacation in Cancun through us you can be confident that your expectations will be exceeded. From getting your travel plans ready to after treatment care we will be there for you. Our VIP Travel Assistance will take away the stress that sometimes finding a location or transportation in an unknown city might cause.

Your dental treatment will be carried out in a professional way by an expert, making sure the procedure is painless and comfortable for you. We will keep working until you are completely satisfied with the results and outcome.

Cancun is a city in southeastern Mexico, bordering the Caribbean sea. It is one the most visited cities in Mexico. It is a popular tourist destination because of it’s white sand beaches, turquoise warm waters, all-year warm weather and spectacular Resorts. Second to none it has a great variety of Food, Wine, Shopping Malls and Nightclubs. It is also the perfect place to have dental or medical treatments. You can combine excellency in dentistry and the relaxation of staying in a front beach hotel. Tour expeditions, diving, fishing, snorkeling, biking you name it.

Don’t worry if you are thinking on saving money when coming to Cancun, because there is also very affordable accommodations and ways of traveling. Downtown hotels and apartments, easy bus transportation, cheap supermarkets and low cost pharmacies. Whatever we can help you with, don’t hesitate on CONTACTING US! .

About your Dental Work in Cancun

From the first email or phone call, you will be guided through all the process of coming to a dental vacation in Cancun with Dental Design Studio. We know coming to a different country to have medical treatment might arise a lot of questions and doubts. We are here for you! Let us guide you to the best dental experience in Cancun.

Imagine doing a thorough inventory of the mouth, which gathers evaluation, moldings, 3D scan and digital x-ray of each tooth. Add about 20 pictures of the face at various angles, which serve as a basis for studying the traits and characteristics that define a perfect smile…

Our driver will meet you in the lobby of your hotel, and provide safe ride to the Dental Studio. Greeted upon the arrival, you will be welcomed to a relaxing atmosphere in our lobby. We will request a brief survey from you to learn about your medical history. With use of iPad, it will be very fast and simple. This information will allow us to establish individual treatment plan for you in the safest way possible. The members of our team will be happy to guide you throughout survey if needed, and assist you to insure the exceptional experience.

Then is time to meet our dental specialists. During an hour and a half of consultation, a team of 5 dental specialists will analyze your case in a multidisciplinary way, to elaborate an accurate diagnosis and a detailed and safe treatment plan.

In this process, the photos of your smiles recorded at various angles, 3D scans, individual digital x-rays are analyzed to design your new smile and treatment plan associated with it, which is carried out in the same day. We will request only few minutes to deliver it to you while you can enjoy the comfort of our lobby equipped with WIFI and Ipad for your luxury. Before you consent to the treatment our dental concierges will explain in details your dental treatment, time frame and costs. After you consent with a treatment plan, your treatment appointments will be schedule.

The communication between a Dentist and a Dental Laboratory is of paramount importance for the outcome of every treatment. Dental Design Studio has Dental Lab onsite, with certified Ceramists and Lab technicians. Our laboratory is consider a digital laboratory, because we can design everything of a computer instead of doing everything by hand as it used to be. CAD/CAM systems, 3D printers and scanners allows modern dentistry to manufacture dental prosthesis in a faster and more precise way.

We deliver your desired smile usually one day or two before you go back to your hometown to make sure everything is working smoothly and you completely satisfied with the result. Minor adjustments sometimes are necessary and final instructions given. However, even when you leave we will provide all the support that you need after your treatment to insure any questions that may arise are answered.

One step away from a Beautiful Smile

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