10 Things You Need To Know to get Dental Work in Mexico

Traveling to Mexico for dental care can save you a lot of money. Before your trip, read these 10 facts on getting dentistry done in Mexico. Trips to the dentist in the USA are incredibly expensive, so there's no surprise that many people are getting dental work done in Mexico. You might think that going to the dentist in Mexico means sacrificing quality, but that usually isn't the case.

This article tells you everything you need to know about how to get dental work done in Mexico.

1. Dental Work in Mexico is More Affordable

So, is it cheaper to get dental work done in Mexico? One of the main reasons that Americans go down to Mexico for dental treatment is the simple fact that it's much more affordable! In many cases, you can take a short vacation in conjunction with your treatment and the grand total will work out less than the cost of the treatment in the US. If you're looking for a way to save some cash on expensive dental surgery, you should consider getting the procedure done down in Mexico.

2. Our Dentist in Mexico Speaks English

So, maybe you don't speak Spanish. Luckily, that isn't a problem as many Mexican dentists speak perfect English. Many Mexican dental practices are based around dental tourism. This means that English is the language of choice. As long as you pick the right dental practice, you won't have any difficulties whatsoever getting dental treatment in Mexico without speaking Spanish. To avoid any problems, make sure you research the practice before booking your trip.

3. Cost of Labor is Cheaper in Mexico

One of the main reasons that it's so cheap to go to the dentist in Mexico is the price of labor. A Mexican dental practice can hire staff for significantly less money than they could in the USA. This means that Mexican dental practices can afford to offer their services for much less than their counterparts in the US. But, don't worry, labor being cheaper doesn't mean you're getting a less qualified dentist. The cost of living is simply lower in Mexico - great news for American dental tourists.

4. Dental Laboratory Services are Cheaper

You don't even have to make the trip down to Mexico to save money. Many Americans like to send off lab work to be done down in Mexico because it is much more affordable. If you work with the right Mexican lab, the results will be perfectly valid for use in the USA.

5. Visiting Mexico for Dental Work is Safe

Yes, this is not a question. There is a misconception among Americans that it is dangerous to visit Mexico. Of course, there are some areas that you should avoid, but that is also true for places in the US. As long as you do your research beforehand, you will find that visiting Mexico is relatively safe. For many Mexican towns, dental tourism is an essential industry that the local economy depends on, so you can expect to be treated with respect.

6. You Don't Necessarily Need a Passport

If you don't have a passport, that doesn't necessarily mean you can't drive over the border to Mexico. In some cases, a valid American driver's license and a copy of your birth certificate will be enough to get you back into the country. Make sure you research the specific border crossing you intend to use beforehand to make sure there are no unfortunate surprises. You will need one to come to Cancun by plane.

7. You Can Get Help With the Practicalities

People often get worried that they will have issues with transportation or accommodation. The good news is that the Mexican dentist can often help you with these logistical issues. For example, they might be able to help you by providing transportation and in some cases, they can even book hotels for you on your behalf. Don't let having to navigate Mexican society put you off dental tourism. You might be surprised by just how much the Mexican dentist can arrange for you.

8. Most Americans Are Happy with the dental work they get in Mexico

While you might be concerned with the high quality of dentistry you'll receive in Mexico, you should know that the majority of Americans are happy with the treatment they receive. According to a report done by Families U.S.A., 90% of the people who get dental treatment in the USA are happy with the treatment they get. Of course, there are some instances where people are not happy, but this is also true of dental work done within the USA.

9. You Can Pay With Credit Card your dental work in Mexico

It's a common misconception that you'll need to bring stacks of cash with you into Mexico to pay for your treatment. In fact, most Mexican dentists will accept credit cards such as VISA or Mastercard. With that said, you might run into some problems if you try to use cards such as American Express. Make sure you do your research beforehand and you should be able to find a card you can use during your time in Mexico. If you're unsure about whether or not a card will be accepted, you should contact the dentist directly. In most cases, they will be happy to help out.

10. The Quality of dental work in Mexico is Comparable to the USA

Another frequent misconception is that you're compromising on the quality of service when you go to a Mexican dentist. In reality, the dental services in Mexico are just as good as what you would find in the USA. First-time dental tourists are often surprised at just how great the facilities are in Mexico.

Getting Dental Work Done in Mexico is easy

As you can see, getting dental work done in Mexico is easier than you might think. Not only are you saving a lot of cash, but you're also getting comparable service to what you'd get in the USA. If you're ready to plan your dental trip to Mexico, get in contact with us and we can get the ball rolling for you.


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