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 Dental Crowns in Cancun

Dental Design Studio is the best dental clinic in cancun to get your Dental Crowns done, Dental Crowns are metal free restorations that completely cover your tooth in order to provide longevity to your natural teeth.

A dental crown is an artificial tooth cap that’s permanently affixed on top of an existing root structure, such as a natural tooth root or a dental implant.

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Dental crowns replace your natural tooth to the gum level. A dental crown can be selected for necessity or cosmetic reasons. At Dental Design Studio in Cancun, dental crowns are designed to replicate the natural tooth enamel, while providing strength and anatomy to meet the functional requirements of a natural crown.




  • When a tooth is broken or damaged
  • To restore a Dental Implant
  • After repeated tooth fillings
  • When facing big cavities due to caries and old crowns
  • When removing old metal fillings
  • After a root canal treatment
  • For cosmetic reasons
  • To prevent a crecked tooth from becoming worst

Why Should You Come To Dental Design Studio For Your New Crowns?

Part of the Dental Design Studio philosophy is to always have the best technology available to give our patients the greatest experience possible, in DDS we digitally design each crown individually to make sure they fit and work perfectly.

Dentistry shouldn’t be painfull and stressfull - We are practicing a fun, comfortable, precise, artistic, holistic, efficient, and conservative Dentistry.

We have all the dental specialists under the same roof, working together with all the patients, practicing a multi dsciplinary Dentistry.

Our dental specialists work under the DSD protocol, which provides a preview of how beautiful your new smile is going to look even before our specialist touches your teeth.

DSD goes for Digital Smile Design, and currently we are 3 doctors who were trained with top Esthetic Masters in US, Brazil, Spain and Venezuela by the DSD Residency: Dr. Vieira (Cosmetic Dentist and Master Dental Technician), Dr. Sforzina (Prosthodontist and Implantologist), and myself, Dr. Ortega (General and Restorative Dentist).


Once you fell in love with your new smile it's time for us to make it happen! 


Before & After





How fast can I get my dental crowns in Cancun?

All our dental restorations can be done and deliver in days, unlike most Dental Clinics, we have our own in-house laboratory, which allows us to delive very complex cases in record time, giving you more time at the beach and less time at the dental chair.


*The $449 special price is for 6 or more dental crowns done on the same treatment.

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