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 Zygomatic Dental Implants in Cancun

Zygomatic Dental Implants in Cancun

What are Zygomatic Dental Implants?

They are a longer type of dental implant. Their name comes from the anatomical position they are meant to be placed. They are anchored in the upper jawbone, which is close to the dense zygoma bone. But they have the same function as a regular implant; retaining a denture, dental bridge or dental structures


When may I need a Zygomatic Dental Implant instead of a regular Dental Implant?

  • You need or want dental implants to retain a denture but you have been told you are not a candidate because you don’t have enough bone for regular dental implants.
  • People with deteriorated jaws or that have lost their teeth a long time ago.
  • After failed sinus lift or bone elevation surgeries have failed.
  • After normal dental implants have failed.

What is the Zygomatic Dental Implant in Cancun procedure like?

Zygomatic Dental Implants are a bigger type of surgery than conventional Dental Implants. The procedure takes place at a hospital, under general anesthesia and an infection controlled environment. The first part of the procedure is placing the zygomatic implants, then, the prosthodontist will place a temporary denture fixed to the implants. You will leave the hospital with fixed teeth on that same day.

After 4 to 6 months, your body has accepted the implants and a new final denture will be fabricated. The end result is a new set of teeth in a patient who up until the Zygomatic implant technology, could not have had dental implants.

Advantages of Zygomatic Dental Implants

  • No need for bone grafts and bone elevation procedures.
  • No need to have thick maxillary bone
  • Teeth in one day

We work with the best Maxilofacial Seurgeon in Cancun

Dr. Omar Lugo Expertise in Implant Dentistry & Maxilofacial Surgery

Dr Omar Lugo

  • Member of the Mexican Council of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Member of the Mexican Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Member of the International Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Over 20 years of experience


Benefits of zygomatic implants

High primary stability for Immediate Function

Nobel Biocare’s zygomatic implants are designed to support restorative procedures that also allow for immediate loading. This allows eligible patients with severe bone loss to have a fixed provisional prosthesis fitted immediately after surgery, avoiding the average nine-month wait and multiple surgeries required with grafting.

Zigomatic Implants have benefits for both the patient and clinician. The lack of compression of the post-operative soft tissue is more comfortable for the patient, as the prosthesis is supported by the implants and not by the soft tissue of the surgical site. Patients also benefit from improved self-esteem as the immediately loaded prosthesis does not move, allowing for more confident speech and enhanced appreciation of foods due to lack of palatal coverage.

For the clinician, the immediately loaded prosthesis provides practical feedback as to the ‘quality’ of the osseointegration at Stage II. If the implants are immobile at Stage II, then the clinician can confidently complete the final prosthesis.

Other benefits of Immediate Function with zygomatic implants include fewer clinical visits and a less invasive intervention compared to grafting procedures. A study has also shown that soft tissue clinical outcomes, in terms of plaque index, bleeding index and probing pocket depths, for zygomatic implants seem similar to those for conventional dental implants.

Surgical flexibility

Building on 25 years of success with Nobel Biocare’s zygomatic implants, the new NobelZygoma 0̊ and NobelZygoma 45̊ implants are also designed to anchor in zygomatic bone and provide an excellent option for treating maxillary resorption. They have an unthreaded implant body designed to interface with soft tissue, and depending on the anatomical situation parts of the implant body can be located outside of the maxillary sinus. For the extra-maxillary placement, the coronal part of the implant should still have bone support.

The straight implant head and mount-free insertion of the NobelZygoma 0̊ implant allow for greater flexibility during implant placement. The NobelZygoma 45̊ implant comes in an extended range of implant lengths, from 30 mm to 52.5 mm, all with an external hex connection.

 These implants have three major benefits.

  • They allow for high primary stability which is important for immediate loading.
  • The non-threaded part of the implant body acts well with soft tissue
  • The two different angulations provide more flexibility for our prosthetic approach. This is a very important step forward in the zygomatic technique.

Helping treat more patients better

The zygomatic implant has become the implant of choice for cases with a severely resorbed maxilla. Without this implant, many patients would otherwise require invasive grafting procedures to establish adequate bone volume for the placement of conventional implants. Zygomatic implants help avoid grafting and shorten treatment time, with significant post-operative improvements in function and esthetics.


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