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 All on 4 Dental Implant in Cancun, Mexico


 Dental implants in Cancun is one of the most common dental treatments nowadays thanks to innovation and technology in dental implants and dentures. If you are missing most of your teeth or you already have dentures but they are loose and uncomfortable the all on four (all on 4) or all on 6 procedure is a modern solution for replacing your teeth and restoring your bite and smile, this is achieved with dental implants plus personalized dentures.

All on 4 dentures are natural-looking teeth that attach to four well-placed implants that would give you a durable solution to a longtime issue.

7 Day Accomodations included

In Dental Design Studio Cancun, our All on 4 Protocol by Nobel Biocare is a cost-efficient solution that provides patients with a fixed full-arch prosthesis on the same day that implants are placed.

To learn if an All on four procedure is an option for you, call the Dental Design Studio office in Cancun.

After your call, these questions will be answered:

  • Will a permanent denture work for me?
  • How long will it take to get my smile back?
  • How can I fit the cost into my budget?

Benefits of all on four procedure in Dental Design Studio in Cancun

  • Their permanence.
  • Implants prevent bone loss as they act as natural tooth roots.
  • An implant-supported top dentures don’t need a palatal component, it means the roof of the mouth remain free. This helps to taste food so much better than regular dentures with palatal component.
  • Implant-supported dentures are non-slip and provide denture stabilization.
  • No need for sticky denture adhesive.
  • The risk of dropping and damaging them disappears.
  • With less bone loss, your appearance benefits because there will be less gum shrinkage and less premature wrinkling around your mouth.
  • Free to eat, laugh and sing without fear.

Of course, the biggest advantage of permanent dentures is the boost to your self-confidence, plus a more youthful smile.

 Jesse Andrus. New Orleans, LA. USA


In Dental Design Studio our dental specialist work ONLY with top brand dental implants (Nobel Biocare, Neo Dent, Straumann) not only the brand provides a worldwide warranty, we also do.

Don’t get tricked by getting cheap dental implants that won’t last more than a couple months, come with the real dental specialist for your dental implants in Cancun.

All on 4 procedure in Cancun is a 2 stage treatment:


  • Tomography and complementary studies
  • All consultations with the specialists included
  • Implantologist, Oral surgeon or Implantologist fees included
  • Extractions
  • Bone regularization
  • Tori removal
  • Bone graft, collagen membranes, and PRF/PRP *
  • 4 Dental implants **
  • Temporary conventional denture ***


  • Fixed hybrid denture - 4,999 USD per arch


  • Prettau bridge - 5,599 USD per arch

Smile makeover in one day

One of the main advantages of the All on 4 protocol is that, in most cases, you can go back home right after surgery with a new set of teeth. This is a temporarily fixed denture that allows the implants to heal and be embraced by the jaw bone. In a time frame of 4 to 6 months, you return to the clinic for a long-term final denture restoration.

This final denture can be fixed to the dental implants for ultimate stability or in some cases just stabilized but still removable, allowing easier oral hygiene access


Conditions disclosure:
The following treatments are not included on the previous package:

Sinus lift bone agumentation - $1,500 USD per side, Bone graft (extra, only if needed) - $200 USD per cc, Collagen membrane (extra: if needed) - $200 USD per cc of bone graft used, Extra dental implant - From $800 to 999 USD each, Temporary fixed denture - $1,199 USD per arch.

If the patient requests Nobel Biocare dental implants, there will be an extra charge of 800 USD per arch.

Medication - Prescription will be given and can be filler at the closest Pharmacy, we don't provide with the medications.


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