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 Root Canal Treatment in Cancun, Mexico

In Dental Design Studio our world class dental specialists perform Microscopic Enhanced Endodontic Therapy. Welcome to the modernity in Endodontics.

Save your smile and relieve your tooth from pain! Endodontics is the specialty in charge of the commonly known root canal treatments.

Painless. Modern computer based anesthesia, plus adequate techniques results in painless root canal treatments.

Less Time. Before a root canal treatment could take 3 visits to the dentist, nowadays most cases can be performed in one appointment.

Specialized. All our root canals procedures are done by a certified specialist in the field of endodontics. This give you a GUARANTEE of the work you are receiving.

Microscopic Enhanced. To visualize everything bigger and with more light! No more missing canals, more accuracy, very high success rate!.

Laser Endodontics. For maximum disinfection. Is the best technology to date for killing bacteria inside the root canal system.

Minimal Invasive. Microscopes and new files, ultrasonic devices along with the right expertise will provide minimal invasive root canal treatments. This allows for more natural tissue preservation due giving longer lifetime to your natural tooth.

3D Digital Imaging. Digital imaging allows us fast and clear x-rays, but it also means 80% less radiation for our patients. We can also see all sides and angles of a tooth with 3D scanning. When before a normal xray would hide a lot of information

All this cutting-edge technology and our professional staff is one of the great differentials of our Dental Design Studio. Access to this technology is restricted to normal dental offices because of the need for large investment and a specialized trained staff.

Why do a Root Canal treatment with Dental Design Studio in Cancun?

The root canal treatment is a simple procedure that can be done in about an hour or two, depending in the complexity of the case, by our root canal specialist Dr. Jorge Gruber.
Most of our patients say they didn't feel pain at all!

You will be in hands of one of the best Endodontist in Cancún, he has performed over 7 thousand root canals done to date, and in the last 2 years he's one of the only few mexican endodontists using the Carl Zeiss microscope to enhace and garantee a very precise endondontic treatment. 

Every time someone gets a root canal, it's important to protect the remaining tooth structure with a dental crown, inlay/onlay/overlay or a fixed bridge, depending on the amount of the structure that is affected, and the overall case.

Contact us and stop the pain! 

Root canal patient testimonial

I had previous dental work done in Cancun. Unfortunately I had problems with it, specially with an infected root canal treatment. I was recommended to this clinic because they are microscope specialists. Problem solved! I’m recommending this place to all my family. 
Elvira Ramirez



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