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Mouthguards are special plastic coverings to protect your teeth. Custom-fitted mouthguards are designed at our state of the art dental lab under the instructions of one of our dental specialists. The process is quite simple:

  • An impression will be taken
  • A stone mold will be obtained from the impression and send to our state of the art lab facilities.
  • The lab will fabricate the mouthguard with a modern process and high-quality standards.
  • The mouth guard is delivered to your dental specialist in Cancun and you will be able to try it out and we will do adjustments if needed.


Mouthguards are commonly used after big dental treatments, like crowns, bridges, implants, to protect the recent work you have received. This can avoid future fractures of the materials.

Also, they are used to relax the chewing muscles and create comfort in patients that have bruxism (grind). This type of mouthguards is harder and thicker and the patients have to use them at nights while sleeping.

We will make sure that your Cancun dental professional gives the specific instructions to our dental lab about what kind of mouthguard you will need.


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